Abusing File Formats Considered Harmful

This is how Remora‘s PO file looks like when opened in POEdit:

Remora (addons.mozilla.org) PO file in POEdit

Red usually means that a string is broken and has an error – but in this case it does not, this is the file with the original strings. But since the “original” string is just a key name, POEdit thinks that all the “%s” etc. are errors, as they don’t appear in the “original”…

And the status bar in that screenshot states: “329 strings,  0 fuzzy, 60 broken,  0 untranslated”. In fact, none are broken and there are 329 untranslated.

There’s nothing wrong in using a key-value paradigm. But when you’re using it in a format that was not designed with this in mind, you just break things.

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