Why I haven’t signed the “No to OOXML” petition

I tried to, I really did! But it doesn’t seem to like my e-mail address:


When will people learn that “+” is a PERFECTLY VALID character in an e-mail address? So, until you fix your form validation scripts, I won’t sign your petition. Sorry.

Update: as this is now fixed, I signed it. :)

MDC PL Sprint #1: Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of the Polish Mozilla Developer Center Sprint. As all the articles that where scheduled for the whole sprint had been fixed on its first day, on Sunday we focused on the articles scheduled for the next one. :) The results are quite impressive, as almost all of those got fixed and cleaned up.

Most of the guys who were introduced to MDC PL by the MDC Sprint are still contributing, and new ones are joining in. This means that the Sprint idea turned to be a pretty good one.

MDC PL Sprint #1: Day 1

Staszek blogs about this in Polish, so I thought it might be nice to share the news with the wider Mozilla community and decided to write this post in English.

Almost 200 edits and about thirty deeply QA’ed articles in the Polish Mozilla Developer Center. These are the results of the first day of what we called “MDC Sprint” (though “Marathon” would fit better, I think). The goal was to proof-read and fix (where appropriate) some of the articles in the JavaScript category at MDC PL.

Basically, we’ve modelled this on the Bug Days. Ptak82 prepared a list of articles needing proof-reading and then we poked some of the open source and web-related sites and Usenet newsgroups, telling them about the “Sprint” and inviting people to our IRC channel, where we co-ordinated the work.

Thanks to the nice publicity we received from the online media, we got a few participants ranging from professional webmasters to university students. These guys during 8 hours of this Saturday managed to fix twice as many pages as we initially imagined. A nice side effect is also making MDC PL more known throughout the Polish web developer community.

We’ve awarded the most active participants with invites to Blip (a local Twitter-like site, but better ;)) and Joost, and tomorrow, after the second day of the first MDC Sprint, we will award some of them also with Mozilla t-shirts and some other stuff. Thanks to Mozilla Europe, Blip and Joost for providing us with the invites and gadgets!

MDC PL Sprint #1 Day 2 begins in 11 hours. :)

Abusing File Formats Considered Harmful

This is how Remora‘s PO file looks like when opened in POEdit:

Remora (addons.mozilla.org) PO file in POEdit

Red usually means that a string is broken and has an error – but in this case it does not, this is the file with the original strings. But since the “original” string is just a key name, POEdit thinks that all the “%s” etc. are errors, as they don’t appear in the “original”…

And the status bar in that screenshot states: “329 strings,  0 fuzzy, 60 broken,  0 untranslated”. In fact, none are broken and there are 329 untranslated.

There’s nothing wrong in using a key-value paradigm. But when you’re using it in a format that was not designed with this in mind, you just break things.

HTML div above a Flash animation on Linux – it’s possible!

Yes, it is really possible if only you’re using a Gecko-based browser like Firefox. If you used the pull-down menu on Google Video, you have already even seen it in action.

So, how did Google do it? Well, I analyzed their code and the answer is simple: they put an iframe between the Flash and the div using z-index. Hey, you tried it and it didn’t work? That’s because it needs a little hack: the iframe’s CSS “display” property must be set to “none” at first (style=”display: none”) and be changed to “block” via JavaScript after the <embed> element is rendered. With this hack – it works!

So, take a look at the example. For your convinience, I’ve mirrored it on three servers:

  • server 1 (pertus.com.pl, Legnica, Poland)
  • server 2 (students’ server at the Opole University of Technology, Opole, Poland)
  • server 3 (AviaryPL Team’s server at the Szczecin University of Agriculture, Szczecin, Poland)

OK, before you slashdot or digg this, please don’t link to the examples directly. Link to this post only.