7 Things You May (Or May Not) Know About Me

Ok, so Staś tagged me and I have to think about seven things people don’t generally know about me. Let’s see…

7. My (probably) first contribution to open source were these renderings of Slackware Linux logo. Yup, I was trying to learn GIMP at the time. :)

6. Now something shameful: my first publically available website (which is more-less what evolved into this blog over the years) was made with Microsoft FrontPage Express and only worked well in IE 4. But a few months later I became a fundamentalist convert to the Netscape faith. When I first encountered a Gecko-based build I thought it was totally broken. How the hell couldn’t it support my l33t document.layers-based JavaScript code? ;-)

5. I do not really speak Russian, but I’ve learned Cyrillic from a pocket English-Polish-French-German-Russian electronic translator, thanks to the fact that many words in Polish and Russian are the same, only written in different scripts. I was in the 4th grade of primary school then. How geeky is that? Oh, this also means I can only read printed Cyrillic, Russian handwriting is something I can’t decipher. :)

4. I am a huge frakin’ Battlestar Galatica (2003) fan.

3. I basically hate techno music, but when I was twelve I used to compose wanna-be-techno tracks with ProTracker and DigiBooster on my Amiga 1200. One guy even bought a tape with some of them from me and played it at a few parties. :)

2. The nickname “marcoos” is actually the rendition of my first name “Marek” in Latin – “Marcus”, with spelling bastardized to look more awesome. At least that’s what I thought about it in 1996, when I invented it to sign my never publically released demos written in AMOS. I’ve never changed that nickname… Oh, well.

1. As a high school paper journalist, in late 2000 I flew on board the Polish “Air Force One” (a rather scary and old Soviet Tupolev 154M aircraft) with then-Prime Minister of Poland and took part in the press conference after the meeting of four PMs of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the Netherlands in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Now, seven other Mozilla people I’d like to tag:

(I hope nobody has tagged you before I did ;))

A, (Ą,) B, C…

Kolejny internetowy mem związany z firefoksowym niesamowitym paskiem adresu.

  • wpisz do paska adresu literę “a”
  • zapisz, jaką stronę proponuje niesamowity pasek
  • powtórz powyższe dla kolejnych liter alfabetu
  • wklej wyniki na bloga

Tak to wychodzi u mnie:

a: http://ajaxian.com/archives/fixing-the-web-part-i
ą: http://www.google.pl/chrome
b: http://www.blip.pl/dashboard
c: http://change.gov/
ć: http://blip.pl/
d: http://groups.google.pl/group/mozilla.dev.l10n
e: http://www.interia.pl/
ę: http://wiecejnizsiespodziewasz.interia.pl/
f: http://facebook.com/
g: http://www.goldenline.pl/
h: http://hg.mozilla.org/
i: http://icanhascheezburger.com/
j: http://jogger.pl/
k: http://dailykos.com/
l: http://linkedin.com/
ł: http://pkp.pl/
m: http://www.mpk.krakow.pl/
n: http://www.netvibes.com/
ń: http://ling.pl/
o: http://www.onet.pl/
ó: http://nasza-klasa.pl/
p: http://ic.rail.pl/
q: http://quirksmode.org/
r: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/
s: http://strachynalachy.art.pl/
ś: http://poczta.fm/
t: http://thinkprogress.org/
u: http://www.last.fm/user/marcoos
v: http://www.virtualbox.org/
w: http://www.interia.pl/
x: http://www.prezydent.pl/x.node?id=82
y: http://engrishfunny.com/
z: http://nasza-klasa.pl/
ź: http://pogoda.onet.pl/
ż: http://nasza-klasa.pl/